Years after the release of the Virus, Mars became the home of the humans. Now the mission is to reclaim Earth. Is it possible?
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 Origin of the Story

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PostSubject: Origin of the Story   Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:38 am

No one is really sure when it began.....It was like any normal time on Earth..but something was different..people were dying.....and coming back.....This was kept contained for over 6 yrs until they too started to change...they begin to infect more..change more..some could fly..others could change..others..could control....
We have no idea what year it is..after all..most of humanity is ether in a shelter..or one of them..The Largest of these Shelters is known as Deadlock, a city under the Earth....but it's getting worse...even with materials, the creatures just keep getting harder to kill...shoot them in the head.....that works most of the time.....but some of these creatures are getting worse..bigger..faster....more deadly...
That was about 70 years we are on contented Mars...we have weapons..we have gene blenders..and we have a cruel reminder of what we left behind always hanging int he sky....But the Council has mad there decide....we're taking Earth Back!!!
the Ship will be leaving soon...Reclaimer...but we need men and women to go.....only one thing you must remember..this is a one way trip...we can't risk you bring the virus back to Mars....Good Luck

Special; "class history" needed for each character" (choose one)

Martian: you are a human born or escaped to Mars...there only dream is to take back Mars...or is there another reason?

Cyborg: A machine designed to combat whats on Earth.....but there is no records of what the virus cold do to them

Doll: A Cyborg of a more peaceful nature, often uses as Medics on Mars. But now they will be joining those on Earth as well...They feel humans..will they ever truly become human>,,or at the very least understand them?

Bio-human: you are a Human altered or changed in some strong way...can Earth be your beacon to escape being an outcast or experiment? (vampires and Demons fall under this category)

Earthling:..for 70 have survived on Earth...alone with your shelter and who ever is left....What does the future hold?
If you have another idea of a class, but sure you explain their history in your profile.

(starting equipment)
One "gun" one "melee"
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Origin of the Story
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